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Welcome... you can find the energy you need for every day...

Feel the difference!

Next Level Premium Energy Drink...
...and the day becomes easier

A new energy drink in the premium segment...

...reaching out for the next higher level

With the Next Level Premium Energy Drink, made in Germany, a completely new experience in taste is born. 

Next Level-Premium Energy Drink provides you with your daily portion of energy.  Be it during your studies or for a higher level of power and perseverance during trainings and sports.

Not forgetting the long nights on weekends...
with Next Level-Premium Energy Drink you’re at the right source…of energy.

The Energy booster for all occasions!

Good taste know no age!

Next Level-Premium Energy Drink can be enjoyed throughout the day and for every occasion.
Because of its delicious and natural taste it is perfectly suited for mixed drinks and cocktails. 

Simply try it and savour
the moment!

Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, kids and people who react sensitiv to elevated coffein content. Check the details on the can for more specific information.

Feel the power...

... just when you
need it!


  • Energy Drink with caffeine content. Not recommended for children or breast-feeding women (32mg/100ml).
  • Ingredients: water, sugar, acidifier, citric acid, carbon dioxide, acidity regulator, sodium cVitrates, flavor, taurine, caffeine, colorant caramel. 
  • Vitamins: niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, inositol, glucuronolactone. 
  • Consume moderately.

It is on its way to becoming one of the popular energy drink!

We are looking for further resellers worldwide

Would you like to sell our product in your shop, supermarket or even get an exclusivity right if not yet available in your country or region? 
Please find more information below...

Are you interested in an Exclusivity Agreement for the sale of Next Level Premium Energy Drink? 
Please contact us via email at to find out about our special conditions and wheder your country or region is still available. 

Do you have a shop or a supermarket and would like to add Next Level Premium Energy Drink to your product range? 
Please contact us at and we will help you.  

Are you a beverage representative or would you like to become one and represent Next Level Premium Energy Drink in our region? 
Please contact us at to organise a meeting. 

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We are pleased about your contact! 



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